I’m amazed !
Once again this tiny tropical island has blown me away ! The wedding of Jenn and Kelly was spectacular . The couples hair and makeup looked great with a hint of vintage flair and the ambiance was perfectly set at Ocean Key Resort by the talented Amanda Holz of As You Wish Weddings. She is fabulous. Beautiful breezes and sun filled skies completed a perfect day. But more than that was the incredible high spirited energy Jenn and Kelly bought to our island for a few days.With a diverse and dynamic group of families and friends from Seattle ,Texas and all the fantastic artists from The Big Apple, it was truly a great event. To top off my weekend I took a ballet class at a classic Key West studio called Coffee Mill Dance Studio– A converted coffee mill  that hosts top notch dance instructors and classes that are taught in open air meaning  no a/c, even in the summertime, but you will enjoy the tropical breezes that float into the open spaces of the studio. I’m sore, but I’m happy.
Congratulations to Jenn and Kelly



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